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11 Free Wall Art Ideas

We appreciate that not everyone has enough disposable cash each month to splash out on wall art. We also realise that some may view art as one of life’s luxuries, a nice-to-have but not essential. I would of course disagree with that thinking.

Wall décor can transform any rooms' look and feel, it can be a conversational piece and lift your spirits.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas for creating free wall art, treating yourself to a few special purchased pieces and then complimenting those with your own art, which can include things from your life, making the art personal and precious.

1) Coins from your travels

We all like to show off our travels, and what better way than to create a stunning piece of artwork that will bring back good memories too.  

Coins as wall art | free usa shipping |


2) Children's artwork
I use the word 'art' loosely here of course, but art can be any decor we love and cherish. When placed in a frame, even the most juvenile drawings are given a bit more gravitas. You will have to be selective of course, I personally find the hand prints a good choice, there's something very sweet and simple about them. 

Children's artwork |

3) Quotes, Bible Verses, your Favorite Poem
Find something that inspires, motivates or moves you. Put it in a font of your choosing and print. Simples! I personally love this Buddha Quote, and have it in my bedroom: ‘’What you think you become, What you feel you attract, What you imagine you create’’ Try to find something that resonates with you and proudly display it.

4) Birthday cards
They get more imaginative each year, I’ve received some truly hilarious cards that I wish I had saved over the years. They would be entertaining wall art. You’d have to use your discretion of course some birthday cards are just too cheesy.

5) Old record covers
If like me, you were a child of the 80s, which in my opinion is still one of the best ever decades for music, then you may have a few old album covers lying around. Now imagine a gallery wall full of them, Queen, David Bowie and Madonna to name but a few of the classics we all love.

 album covers wall art ideas |


6) Beautiful scarfs
A silk or cashmere scarf can look stunning on your wall, and can also be ideal if you want to hide any blemishes or imperfections the wall may have.  If you are fortunate to have traveled to India or Sri Lanka etc, then you may have picked up some stunning scarfs for very reasonable prices.

7) Black and white photos
Even the most novice technical person is able to turn their photos into Black and white these days. Find some of your favorite photos. Perhaps chose a theme, for example, I went to South Africa one year so have a huge selection of wildlife photos which have made a wonderful gallery wall. You don’t have to have a theme though, any photos positioned thoughtfully can create stunning gallery walls

8) Postcards
I realise these seem to be dying breed these days, I recall getting a lot more postcards when I was younger, I’d be very surprised if I received one these days. That said I do have a selection of old ones, and also have ones I have bought as a personal keepsakes from my own travels. Postcards generally have very scenic and picturesque scenes so they make ideal wall art.

9) Framed wall paper
I’ve seen some wonderful examples of this lately, and with wallpaper making a comeback there’s amazing and modern styles to choose from. Alternatively, clear out the cupboards at home and at your gran’s house. There may be some hidden gems you’d forgotten about 

Wallpaper as Wall art -


10) Pressed leaves
With fall approaching now is the best time to find some beautiful autumnal colored leaves. There is a process you must follow, otherwise they will continue to wither in your frame.  Find some wax paper, place the leaves inside and then place something pretty heavy on top to ‘press’ the leaves. You should probably leave this for about two weeks, which will ensure the leaves are completely dry. There are several ways to do this, this is just the old traditional way, do some research to see which of the more modern methods you prefer. 

11) Old Window Frames
I appreciate these are not just lying around your home but a trip to a local junk yard could prove to be very fruitful, or if you know neighbor who’s renovating, or have a nearby building site be cheeky and pop in. Learn to keep your eyes peeled for what they are throwing away, there are some gems that once sanded and treated look wonderful.

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