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Why Children Should Create Art - 5 Outstanding Health Benefits!

Benefits of encouraging Children to Enjoy Art

5 Amazing Benefits of Children who Enjoy Art

& why you should encourage creativity

1) Motor Skills
The simple act of holding a crayon to draw or color in a paint by numbers picture significantly improves motor and dexterity skills at a young age. 
2) Academic Performance
Americans for the Arts, states that there are correlations between students who regularly enjoy and participate in arts with those who excel in other academic areas.
3) Language Development
For very young Children, making art or just talking about it can encourage language development and vocabulary such as colors, shapes and actions.
4) Facilitates Bonding
Making art in a group helps to form bonds, even between children who may not know each other well.  
5) Non-Verbal Communication
Art enables children to express their feelings in a multidimensional way when they lack the vocabulary to express their emotions properly.