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Do you match or do you clash?


In our life, we are conditioned to avoid clashes, but when it comes to colour, clashing can create a modern vibrant feel. Colour Clashing was one of the biggest trends in the latter part of 2020, but how do you clash like a pro?   

The concept of matching art to key colours in a room, or choosing the colours of a room based on a piece of art, is a tried and tested formula. So, what happens when you turn this on its head and choose colours which clash not match!

Below we will explore what happens to the same room when we pick one piece of art which matches, and another which clashes. Remember, clashing is not a bad thing in this case, quite the opposite, it gives a modern twist that works beautifully when done right.  

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the colour of love and positivity, bringing a touch of warmth to any room.

In the Match room, we have picked the floral print Cherry Blossom by Ogawa Kazumasa, the pale pink blossom complements the pink walls and the greys of the canvas mirror the sofa seamlessly. A pastel colour pallet always marries perfectly with a floral print canvas.

Kandinsky - Improvisation No. 30 is the perfect canvas clash for this pale pink room. The primary colours of red, blue, and yellow, leap off the print, giving an edgy vibe to this pretty pastel Livingroom. The Key to this clash is the background tones of pink and pastel grey-green, which feature in the overall décor.

Clash or match pink

Hues of Blues

Blue is one of the most popular colours you will find in our homes. A versatile colour which brings calm and tranquillity.

The impressionistic painting Starry Night Over the Rhône by Van Gogh, mimics the texture and blue tones of the bedroom wall, giving a fluidity which leaves the canvas and radiates across the wall.

The clash uses the white of the bed linen to reflect the white in the canvas Minhuit by George Barbier. The white offsets the orange, pink, and peach colours which draw the eye. In addition, a small blue bird to the left of the print pins the canvas back to the wall's blue tones.

 clash or match blue

Anything but Neutral

A neutral colour scheme is the most forgiving, when it comes to neutral "Anything Goes"!

Ohara Koson's - Long-eared owl, looks quite at home in this neutral room setting. The shadows of the painting reflect the shadows of the room, giving a beautiful fusion from canvas to the interior.

A neutral backdrop can take anything, go big, go bold! Flamingo Geometric is a perfect example, mixing abstract shapes with clashing aqua, pink, and green tones. The bright design really pops in this neutral space.

 clash or match neutral 

Mixing it up

Earthy wall tones can be brightened up with a splash of colour from soft furnishings. This yellow sofa gives this muted room the wow factor,
but how do you match or clash?

Matching earthy colours can be fun, the tones don't have to match they just need to have that organic feel. For the match below we have taken Kamisaka Sekka - Blossom canvas, reflecting nature not only in its subject but also its natural hues of browns and grey.

The clash canvas, The Sacred Egyptian Bean by Robert John Thornton, moves away from the earthy tones, with orange, yellow and greens dominating. The subject has remained close to nature, but the secret to making this clash work is the flash of yellow in the canvas matching that of the sofa. 

 clash or match mix

Mastering the art of colour contrasting can bring new life to a room. The right canvas can modernism a dated interior, brighten a gloomy room or add boldness to a soft pastel décor. Whether you clash or match is up to you!