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Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Love it or hate it it’s that time of year again when you feel summer is drawing to a close. Thoughts about your studies start creeping into your mind (or at the very least, the room where the studying will occur.) Let’s hope this is an exciting time for you and that you are busy fantasising about the year ahead and all the neat things you can do to make your dorm room your own. For some this may be the first time away from home, having full control over their decor, so lets make it count!  


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Cheap DIY Dorm Room Ideas

Saving money is at the forefront of every student's mind, so let's look at the cheaper options first. Before leaving the nest consider 'borrowing' the mirror from your bedroom. Mirrors are a wonderful idea when you are looking at home decor because they work well with everything! They also create an illusion of space: rooms with mirrors feel more open and spacious, making them ideal wall decor for any cramped space you'll likely be sharing. If you can’t bring your mirror from home, then peruse local junk shops or buy a simple mirror. They are relatively cheap so I would recommend more than one, if doable.


Girly Dorm Decor

I hate to stereotype, but in my experience teenage boys are not usually thinking about their dorm room decor. I’m guessing most readers are of the female persuasion so it seemed common sense to tailor the ideas around more feminine concepts; it doesn’t get more girly than fairy lights. They work well around doors and window frames, but they look really great when strung above your bed. Fairy lights create a calm and soothing ambiance that is perfect for your beauty sleep.

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Candles & Acorns - Easy Room Decor Ideas

This is one of my favourites because it’s cheap and pretty room decor that’s simple to add. It’s hard to go wrong with candles, but ideally try chose ones that work well with the color scheme. If the room is white, then think about what the secondary color will be and try to match cushions, candles and wall art so that you have different shades of the secondary colors scattered around the room.

Dorm Room Candle Decor | Free USA Shipping | WallArt.BIz

Have a look at this Pinterest page for inspiration on funky acorn decor and ways to preserve them. They are free and pretty and work especially well with candles! Pinterest Acorn decor ideas

Angel Wings

We have the perfect bedroom wall art that will transform any dorm room. Our Angel Wings decor is available in four soft colors and will work beautifully above your bed. The prints are versatile so will also look great as art above the sofa or a cabinet too. 

Angel Wings Wall Art - free usa shipping -


Pink Rose and Alluring Legs

Each print can be purchased individually or as part of a 2-piece or 3-piece set. Visit us to see the third image which is a standalone blush pink rose and works beautifully to compliment this set. The legs are perfect for college students as they are a bit alluring and naughty but still tasteful enough to use as your dorm room wall decor. 

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Colorful Buddha Wall Art

You don't have to be Buddhist to appreciate Buddha dorm decor. As you can see this colorful print is as beautiful as it is spiritual and adds a vibrant splash of color to bland walls. Because it has so many colors it works well with most color schemes and will be a guaranteed conversational piece in your home.

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Coco Chanel & Pink Rose Wall Art 
A superb bedroom set that works beautifully as dorm room decor. Each print can be purchased individually or as part of a two piece set. When you purchase the set you also receive a discount which is perfect for impoverished college students.


Pink Rose & Coco Chanel Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.BIz


Buddha Wall Art 

A stylish Buddha illustration on a black background that works well with light room decor.  It's a sophisticated piece of contemporary art that will be a guaranteed head turner wherever you place it. It's calming and soothing too, so will be the perfect print for stressed-out students, reminding you to stop and take a deep breath.

Buddha Wall Art Print | Free USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


Monroe, Hepburn and Bardot Wall Art Set

Three 1950's goddesses blowing bubble gum. A delightful set that works superbly above most beds. If you don't want the discounted set then you will have to make the tough decision of which bombshell blowing gum you prefer. 


Hepburn, Bardot & Monroe Blowing Gum | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


So there you have it, ten ideas for decorating your dorm room. Mix and match prints to create your own gallery wall, or find that one striking piece that really resonates with you.