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Fall Design Trends | The 5 Hottest Styles

Fall Decor Ideas | Free usa shipping |


Fall officially starts in September, but with the most beautiful season about to begin, who can blame you for having a roving eye?

I’m always pleasantly surprised by the fresh new twists on earth tones. At first glance they seem safe and predictable colors but every year there’s a transforming quirk on fall designs that flips convention on its head and stops me in my tracks to gaze in admiration. 

This season will not disappoint, the melding of opposing styles and breaking with traditions has already begun and is creating a flurry of excitement with home decor officionardos.


I know. Mixing checks and stripes seems like utter madness, but trust me, this is a huge trend this season. I completely understand if you would just like to dip your toes in. I suggest a strategically placed striped rug near to a checked cushion so they can be easily separated if this is a fleeting style or you simply can't tolerate it any longer. Since the trick to this style is clashing, we’ve found the perfect prints to give the eyes a feast.


 Soft abstract art by WallArt.Bizfall Design trends of 2021

Think Minimal 

Less is definitely more when you opt for the minimalist's life. With simplicity at its core the trick is to keep taking away until you can't stand to take away any longer. I'm such a decor lover that maintaining a minimal lifestyle would be literal torture for me. I can admire the style from afar, but I could never live the minimalist life. 
That said, I've found the ideal print for those of you who believe that bare is better. 'Cliffs' by one of my favorite vintage artists Paul Nash (England's official artist during both World Wars) is one of his most famous pieces and holds its own perfectly with minimal decor. 
Paul Nash Abstract Artwork - framed and free usa shipping -

Earth Tones

It wouldn't be fall without some earth tones to balance out the season.  To some it may seem bland to keep the same colors throughout the room but try to look past that and appreciate the subtle blending throughout that compliment each other beautifully. The picture is by Paul Klee and works superbly. It's muted stencil-like colors contrast with the room just enough to lift it up, but not so much that it spoils the balance.
Nordic decor style | framed and free usa shipping |

Be Bold with Sculpture Furniture

Furniture can be art too, more often than not these days. Statement pieces can bring a room together, especially if you pair it with the right piece of art. When you focus on matching styles and colors that compliment each other, you can create a WOW factor without having to put in too much effort. Statement pieces come in all shapes and sizes and can be lamps, tables, sofa or chairs.

Choose something that grabs your attention. If you handpick a piece you adore the rest will fall into place more easily.



Jazz festival wall art | framed and free usa shipping |

The Nordic Retreat

Scandinavian style continues to be popular, if you are not familiar with it then it's a minimal style that embraces natural elements such as wood, metal or concrete. The accessories are what make the look stand out, think of boho for your woven scarfs and rugs but without the boho colors, instead the look uses off-whites, browns and grays. This misty mountain three-piece canvas sets off the look perfectly, it has a fierce natural beauty that also permeates throughout Nordic design.

Misty Mountains Wall Art Set

Misty mountains Wall Art Set | Free USA SHIPPING |

Reclaimed Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability is fashionable again. This is great news for humanity as well as shallow-pockets. Using reclaimed furniture creates a rustic look and cosy feel, which works perfectly as the Fall temperatures settle in.

We paired this look with an Egon Schiele painting from the early 20th Century.  The colors and style work together beautifully. Fine art reproductions are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. Contemporary art is more palatable with today’s shoppers, but if you can take some time to delve into vintage art, you’ll find it the payoff is very rewarding.

Sustainability and interior design combine to create a captivating style. When you strike the right balance between pre-loved furniture, modern décor and vintage art it will create a wonderfully unique style that you will be proud to call your own.


Egon Schiele Fine Art Reproduction

Egon Schiel Framed Canvas Pint - FREE USA Shipping - WallArt.Biz