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Give your Home Office the attention it deserves!

Give your Home Office the attention it deserves!

Working from home is the new norm and with the pandemic making activities outside of the home limited, how do we work from home and stay productive? Self-care and mental wellbeing are key to working from home happiness, that is why it is important to make the space we work in, work for you!

It is important that we engage our brain on Monday morning and let it know that the weekend is over, and the workweek has started! Creating your own designated workspace works in the same way as getting out of your PJ's and brushing your hair, it tells the brain it's time to work. Whether you carve out your space in a cubby hole under the stairs, the corner of your kitchen or a dedicated room, we will show you how to make this space your own with the right piece of art.

1. Using Colour to Calm or Create

When choosing art for your home office, think about the environment you want to create around you. Colour psychology looks at how colour can affect your moods and emotions. 

Stay Calm 

The world is a stressful place, and your daily workload can add to this. If you need to keep your cool throughout the day and find that your productivity requires a calm mind, then blue tones are ideal. Alternatively, muted tones of green, gray or beige also have that soothing affect.   

Kamisaka Sekka Wave Kamisaka Sekka Blosson Kamisaka Sekka Birds

Waves and sun by Kamisaka Sekka  /  Blossom from Momoyogusa–Flowers by Kamisaka Sekka   Birds from Momoyogusa–Flowers by Kamisaka Sekka.

Get Creative

When you need to tap into the right side of your brain for creativity, bright colours which promote positive energy flow are needed. Hues of yellow and orange are joyful colours promoting feelings of happiness. Vibrant hues stimulate the brain and help the ideas flow.

Barbier  sacred bean Pineapple

George Barbier - Le Belle Dame Sans Merci  /  The  Sacred Egyptian Bean - Robert John Thornton  /  Pineapple Pop Art Yellow


2. Landscapes

In a recent survey 68% of people said a photograph or painting of a landscape was the most desirable type of art for a workspace. It is proven that being in the great outdoors improves your overall wellbeing, so if you can't go out, bring the outside in.

Van Gogh  forest road

 Wheat Field with Cypresses by Van Gogh  /  Forest Road

3. Flora and Fauna

House plants are a great way of adding a touch of the natural world into your home office. House plants not only add a splash of colour but they also purify the air around you. So why not go all out and complement with flora and fauna prints to create your very own oasis!


flora  cactus

Moth and plant by Morimoto Toko  /  Vintage Japanese azaleas illustration by Ogawa Kazumasa  /  Cactus Wall Art for set of 6

4. Abstract

Abstract art isn't an exact copy of what the artist sees but is the use of colour, forms, lines & shapes to create a visual representation, also including dimensions of spirituality, structure, simplicity and clarity. Abstract art means something different to each person who views it. By choosing an abstract canvas you can see something new in the piece every day.


Wassily Kandinsky -Improvisation No. 30

5. Motivational Quotes

From time to time we all need a little reminder of our dreams and aspirations. Inspirational quotes are a great way to keep us motivated and on track, as well as a fun way to fill blank walls. 

if you never try 

 Inspiring Quote Wall Art


Art has the power to inspire, calm, brighten or just make you smile. So, don't forget to give a little love  🤍  to the place where you work and create a heavenly home office.