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How to Buy Art as a Gift - 5 Tips for Getting it Right!

Art can be a truly wonderful gift when the receiver likes and appreciates the painting. Unfortunately, just because you think something is amazing doesn’t mean a loved one will too, chances are in fact they won’t, fickle beings that we are.

This is why most people get stressed when considering how to buy art for others and it’s totally understandable. So, in order to move past this phobia, I’ve put together some suggestions for removing the guesswork involved and finding the best art for the right person.

1) Social Stalking
Looking back at all of your friend’s likes, re-tweets pins and Instagram posts will be a good way to gauge their tastes. Yes, it’s a bit creepy, but they’ll never know.

2) Do they currently own any art?
You may decide to stick with the status quo and get them something similar… or you could be bold and get them a piece of artwork that they would never normally choose for themselves. It’s a bit risky, but worth it; if you get right, they’ll adore it and think of you every time they look at it.

3) Do they live far away?
Art is perfect as you can find a print shop near to them and have it mounted and delivered super easily. Alternatively, if there’s a special print you have your eye on, one that you can’t buy online, you can easily roll it up and ship it cost-effectively. If you want to save them money, try to find a print that is a standard size, so that they can buy a frame from a store, as opposed to having to get it framed professionally, which can get costly. 

4) What kind of décor do they have?
Try not to get too caught up in this, as they will decide where the painting will hang, and it may be totally different from where you would have chosen to place it. That said; you should definitely take their general décor tastes into consideration.

 5) Do they have children?
Find their favourite photo(s) of their children and have them printed on wood, it’s sentimental and looks great with the right photos. They do need to be high-res, so downloading photos from Facebook won’t be good enough, you’ll have to think of an excuse to get the original image.

Some very general considerations for you, but I do believe if you take the time to get to know your loved one's tastes, then buying art is feasible and makes a very special and appreciated gift idea.