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How to Create a Mind-Blowing Gallery Wall

How to create a gallery wall in 8 steps

If you are considering types of décor to fill an empty space then a gallery wall could be just what you need. 


Step One: Choose a theme
A theme will influence the art you collect in step two. Start thinking about what resonates with you. There are a few options to consider. A popular choice is to make it personal such as black & white family photos, wedding pictures or a dream vacation beach theme. If that’s not your style, perhaps chose something you love like wild African animals, album covers or the ’70s. You don’t have to have a theme you could just find a selection of prints you like and place them together, but it may lack a sense of cohesion if you go down that route.


Step Two: Start curating your art collection now
A large space is better because it will give you the freedom to play around with layouts to create a wow factor.

It can feel a bit daunting but gallery walls are not too difficult to create once you have decided on the art. Curating it is probably the most time-consuming part, so if you haven’t done so already start collecting art now. While you are gathering your artwork think about whether you want a streamlined look displaying homogenous pictures or an eclectic layout that uses a mix of shapes, sizes and frames. Streamlined looks tend to look a bit slicker but the eclectic wall has more personality. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed then there’s no shortage of gallery wall designs for you to draw inspiration from. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest boards: How to create a Gallery Wall

Step Three: Shapes & Numbers
This is a fairly easy decision but it’s important to know what you are aiming for.  If you want to go with a slick design then having an even number with uniform shapes and sizes would probably look better.  If you want to mix sizes and shapes then an uneven number could be preferable.

 Wheat field gallery wall ideas

Step Four: Measure up
Once you have collected the art for your wall it is time to get out your trusty tape measure. Get the exact dimensions of the space you have to play with then lay your artwork on the floor. Now is the time to play around with different designs.  If you are struggling to visualize your layout on the floor then try taking photos and tacking them onto your walls. Don’t forget to capture a shot when you find an arrangement you like. it’s easy for patterns to slip from your mind. Once you have the photos of several layouts you can peruse them later, maybe get some feedback too.


Step Five: Pick Your Frames
The frames are almost as important as the artwork. If you have a black and white theme then thin gold frames work beautifully. If you have a more serious piece of art then try partnering it with a simple black frame which will add some gravitas. If your wall includes an anchor piece (one main image that will be the focal point) then you could opt for an ornate frame that will really draw the eye. The frame you choose should ultimately depend on the picture’s design.

Step Five: Layout
By the time you get to this stage, you should have chosen the art and its companion frame. Once again, take photos of each piece in its frame and stick the images to your walls. Are you happy with the look? Do you want to swap out an image or change sizes or shapes? Once you are happy with the layout you can move to the next stage. 

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Step Six: Hanging Requirements:

  1. A pencil and rubber to mark out the measurements - take extra care to make sure the spaces between are uniform.
  2. Paper templates to create your mockup layout one last time
  3. Wall filler in case of mistakes
  4. A hammer and nails
  5. A spirit level - It’s really important to get your pictures lining up perfectly otherwise it will standout and irritate you. It’s worth taking your time and making sure it’s done right the first time.

Step Seven: Enjoy!
With any luck everything will have worked out beautifully and you can bask in the glory of all your hard work. Remember, gallery walls are not static, after some time has passed you may wish to swap out a picture here and there or completely refresh your wall to match the seasons or keep up with your memorable occasions.

We would love to see your gallery wall, the first three people to send in a picture will get a piece of digital art to download for free!