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Gender-neutral Nursery Wall Art Ideas | Animal Art | Wall art Decor

First thing first, washable wallpaper 
Whether it’s a girl or a boy, they are going to draw, smear, smash and generally ruin your beautifully decorated walls. It’s a fact, so be prepared.

Animal Nursery Decor
Thankfully we are moving away from stereotypical ‘Pink Barbie’s for Girls’ and ‘Blue Action Figures for Boys’. Most of the gender-neutral nursery artwork we see these days have neutral colors that appeal to both sexes. The main theme we are seeing now is pale colors with modern animal drawings. As always, wild animals such as lions, giraffes and elephants continue to be popular but ordinary animals such as foxes, racoons and rabbits are in high demand too.



Child's Room Wall Colors
Traditionally if someone is unsure of the sex then yellow has been the go-to safe color. Now however there are so many more neutral colors to chose from that you will be spoilt for choice; even grey is becoming more standard for nurseries - it would have been unheard of a few years' ago! White is an obvious wall decor choice, but as we all know it doesn’t hide any sins. Try having it as the top (out-of-reach) half and matching it with a darker color like pale brown or olive for the bottom. Both of these colors have numerous  stylish shades, they are not gender specific and most importantly they hide a multitude of ‘child wall crimes’

Kid’s Room Lighting ideas
Did you know you can transform any lamp in your home into a nursery lamp? You just buy a ‘nursery bulb’ - awesome right? When your child is a baby, you may wish to consider the lighting required for nightly feeding. You don’t want a bright light that will wake you both up, so a soft nightlight or low watt bulb could be best for the nighttime.  I would recommend several lamps, giving you more control.

Don’t forget about the ceiling
A ceiling Muriel can make your child feel like they are in a happy cartoon wonderland every time they look-up. I appreciate ceiling work is difficult and tiring, my advice is to ditch the paint and use removable Wall Stickers. There’s a huge selection to chose from that will transform your ceiling easily. They are easy to apply (ish) and most importantly can be unbelievably cost-effectively. You can choose trees, cartoons, animals and more.


Nursery animal art


Nursery Windows Blinds

Blackouts! Kid’s are smart, they know when it’s daytime and time for being wide awake and playful. A decent blackout shade will make nap-time much easier for you.   I know it’s tempting to buy a shade with a cute image, but they generally don’t block out much light, when choosing one, don’t go for style over substance, you’ll appreciate this later, I promise.

Just a few tips that I hope will make your nursery more effective and pleasant for you both no matter what their gender is!