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Propaganda Art Blog | A Brief History |

Propaganda art has become really popular in recent years. It used to be considered an acquired taste but has become much more mainstream. There are many types of artwork series designed to convey different messages but they all share an interesting story and look great. 

Uncle Sam Propaganda Art!

Probably the most iconic of all war propaganda art. An Iconic World War I  & World War II Poster by James Montgomery Flagg. Of the forty-six posters he designed, Uncle Sam is by far the best known. Designed in 1917 it was used to enlist men in both wars playing on people's patriotism and love for their country. Apparently, the artist used a modified version of his own face for Uncle Sam. 

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Uncle Sam Propaganda Art -


Another well-known collection of propaganda art was the 'Lend a Hand' series, which encouraged people to help out while the farmers were out on the front line.  The image below is one of many in the series this particular image 'Lend a hand on the land at a Volunteer Agricultural Camp' Was aimed at families living in the city, encouraging them to participate in working holidays to help with the wartime harvests.


Lend a Hand on the Land - Propaganda Posters -

"We Can Do It!"
An iconic USA wartime poster designed in 1943 by J Howard Miller.  The poster was created for Westing Electric and the purpose was to encourage and empower the female workers and to build morale.

The poster was not seen much during the war but rose to fame in the '80s when it was used to promote feminism. 

We Can Do it Propaganda Art



In 1917 the USA combined 'WAKE UP AMERICA DAY' with Patriots Day.  Two years after WW1 began. These images were designed to ignite a flame in Americans' awareness and passion regarding the war and address why America could no longer stay on the sidelines.  

This iconic image by James Montgomery Flagg was intended to sound the alarm and wake up a sleeping America personified by a sleeping lady wearing an American flag and Phrygian cap which symbolizes freedom with ominous dark clouds looming in the sky. There were several different but similar designs. 


Wake up America - WW1 Propaganda Poster -


A classic poster that is sadly by an artist who is unknown. A lot of these recruitment posters from WWI play on people’s patriotism, but this poster is different, it’s more practical and focuses on salary and learning new skills. The poster shows state-of-the-art double winged aeroplanes as well as classic Zeppelin.


Join the Air Service Propaganda Art -



Now we are talking,  Artwork featuring a boiling kettle on the hob; it shouldn't work but it does! 

turn the gas down  - propaganda wall art


The 'Save Fuel' theme was a series that was part of the war effort to conserve energy for the front lines, below is another design, we can see from the housewife and the kettle that this is targeting the wives left at home.  


Save Fuel - Propaganda Canvas Prints -