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Sticker Wall art and it's Unlimited Creative Uses | | Blog

Sticker Wall Art home décor has never been cheaper or easier than with the rise of wall decals and stickers. They have been creeping their way into all kind of home décor categories; some that you would have never imagined. The creative uses for wall stickers can be purely decorative, functional and even educational so read on for some useful and beautiful wall sticker ideas.

Inspirational Wall Sticker Quotes
Motivational quotations have always been popular, especially on social media where posting quotes regularly have become the mainstream. I guess it was no surprise that they have now have morphed into wall stickers for home décor purposes. Quotes on walls can look lovely, especially if you have a gallery wall or family photo wall art, adding some nice quotes here and there can really bring your wall display to life.

 Live, Laugh, Love, Inspirational wall sticker

3D Sticker Wall Art
Another big trend is 3D wall stickers that I must admit look really awesome! I’ve seen some fabulous examples, including portals to the past that have dinosaurs appearing to climb out and into your child’s bedroom. Fake windows that look out onto sun-kissed beaches and some cool 3D space and moon stickers.

3d dinosaur wall sticker

Family Tree Wall Art
Another nice idea is the family tree. You simply stick a family tree to your wall and then add photographs of family members to the branches, the trees look really nice and it’s a very creative way of displaying photos of friends and family.

Family Tree Wall Sticker


Kitchen décor stickers
There are also more practical uses for stickers that I have seen and love. One of the most popular has been the faux 3D bricks wallpaper that gives the illusion of a brick wall and is available in tons of colors. White brick is by far the most popular, it is super easy to apply and remove, cheap and it looks really good. The faux tiles work really well in kitchens too, especially as a backsplash for behind your cooker but there are also lovely tile designs that look great interspersed between your other tiles. Some of the patterns remind me of Turkish tiles, they are very stylish and cost-effective. 

Another practical use I’ve seen is faux shiny PVC covers for kitchen cupboards that completely transform any kitchen for very little spend and there is a great range of colors to suit most tastes. 

Kitchen cupboard facia stickers


Cute Reminders
These always make me smile and are most suited to mums with young children. Wall stickers reminding kids to brush their teeth flush the chain and wash their hands. I’m not sure how effective they are but they look very cute and when it comes to personal hygiene you really can’t remind kids often enough!

wash your hands bathroom wall sticker 


3D Clocks - Functional Stickers
There are a multitude of different designs and the beauty of a wall clock stickers is that it’s easy to make the clock large, which looks very modern and cool.

large wall sticker clock

Romantic Wall Stickers
If you want to get in the good books then surprising your loved one with a romantic message is very thoughtful and will earn you lots of brownie points. You can also design your own messages if there’s something more personal you would like to add. The below 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight' sticker is perfect if you are looking for a really sweet anniversary gift.

Always kiss me good night wall sticker


Nightlight Stickers
If your child is afraid of the dark, you can get a huge selection of glow in the dark wall stickers that should make them feel less scared when the lights go out. You can create a starry night sky effect, add a 3D moon or other well-known kids’ character designs. 

glow in the dark moon wall sticker on kids bedroom wall


Religious Stickers
If you like Christian wall art then you could find the bible quotes work well. There are stickers for a huge range of motivational bible quotes, but if you have a favorite you can’t find you can easily and cheaply have them custom made too.

Bible Quote Wall Stickers 

Stair Stickers
Another creative use of stickers is stair stickers. There are quotes for stairs, stairs that look like waterfalls, beaches, bookshelves and forests. It sounds odd but in the right environment, they can look very cool. I especially love these beach house style stickers.


Beach House Stair Stickers


Window stickers
In my opinion, this would be most suitable for commercial places such as coffee shops, wine shops, restaurants and bakeries. I can't imagine placing stickers on my windows at home, but that's my personal choice. Really, all stickers are window stickers and they all stick on glass really well, but some like the below, are specially designed for windows. 

Coffee shop window stickers

Educational Stickers
Last but not least we have educational stickers. These can be in the form of world map stickers, alphabet stickers, colors, shapes and animals. Turn your nursery walls into a fun way to teach your child new vocabulary, geography and planet names too. Just a few ideas but the sky’s the limit.


kids room wall stickers for learning

To sum up, if you want to transform your walls cost-effectively and easily, then give stickers a try, they are easy to remove so there's really nothing to lose!