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Abstract Wall Art | Free USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz



We’ve chosen our loudest, boldest and most colorful prints for those of you who delight in head-turning art. 

10) Composition 2 by Wassily Kandinsky

It’s hard to believe that this striking piece of art is more than a century old. The artist, Kandinski is known as the father of abstract art and you’ll soon understand why he features more than once in this top ten list. His art is the very essence of bold, the pictures almost leap out of the canvas and lovingly wallop you about the face.

 Monochrome Abstract Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


 9) The Pondering Black Giraffe 

This is a curious piece of art. it’s simplistic in its form but there is nothing simple about these remarkable creatures. Giraffe’s a are majestic animals that seem otherworldly with their lofty appearance. This photograph captures their beauty and quirkiness perfectly.  Set against the pitch-black canvas you can’t help but to stop and admire.

 Giraffe Canvas Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


8) Charlie Chaplin in Glorious Technicolor

Charlie Chaplin painted in a haphazard pop-art style. It’s a compelling portrait of an eminent and beloved artist and I hope you will agree that it’s a fine tribute to his unusual but remarkable talent. This print is also available as oversized art which allows it to really pack a punch; having extra-large art creates a gallery feel in your home.

Charlie Chaplin Canvas Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


7) Head of Buddha, by Reijer Stolk

You don’t have to be Buddhist to appreciate the Buddha’s form in art. This is a spiritually-themed canvas print that would work well in a lot of rooms. You would not be surprised to see this hanging in a living room, bedroom or home office. It could also be a wonderfully unique gift idea too. The colors are sophisticated and simple so will work well with a lot of color schemes.

Buddha Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


6) Admiral Zebra, At Your Service

I think It’s fair to say that this is one of the more unusual pictures we have in our collection, it’s also happens to be one of the most popular. This unconventional print of a Zebra dressed as a human is very compelling and it’s not the only animal we have, there’s a whole funny set of them. There’s also a Cheetah, Racoon, Lion, Horse Deer and Elephant that all deserve a mention in top ten list.

 Zebra dressed as Humans Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


5) The Goddess of Howl 

It is easy to see why this canvas artwork has been so popular with this infectious smile appearing so prominently. Its graffiti style and colors give this empowering piece a modern and fresh look that will uplift your spirits whenever you look at it.  

Graffiti Style ]Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


4) Henri Rousseau - The Banks of the Bièvre near Bicêtre

Rousseau has created yet another masterpiece with this gorgeous painting portraying a blue-collar town situated in the outskirts of Paris. It dates back to 1908 but has managed to weather the test of time beautifully.  The colors, combined with the stripes and wavy trees makes this such a compelling piece of art. It is a bold conversation piece.

 Henri Rousseau Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


3)  Small Worlds V by Wassily Kandinsky 

The original Small Worlds V hangs in the Met Gallery New York. Painted in 1922 it is another show stopping abstract painting by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. The shapes and colors are bright and fun and combine to produce a type of organized chaos that melds together exquisitely to create a true Work of Art.

Kandinski Abstract Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


2) Japanese red crown crane by Ogata Korin

There’s something hip and trendy about this piece of art, which is ironic since it was created by a Japanese artist who was born in 1658!  Cranes are popular birds in Japanese culture which is why they are so often the subject of paintings.  Symbolizing eternal youth and happiness, they are considered to be mythical creatures, some would even say holy, that’s how revered they are. The vibrant yellow is the perfect bold backdrop for these exalted birds.

 Japanese Crane Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


1) Gustav Klimt - Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes is the gruesome story of a gorgeous widow named Judith, whose city had been besieged by the Assyrians.  The general of the army is a lecherous drunk, allowing Judith to easily charm her way into his boudoir. After she lures him into a false sense of security with the offer of potential romance, he relaxes enough for her to be able to behead him!

Earning this painting the honor of being chosen as our boldest print.

Gustav Klimt Canvas Wall Art | FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz