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Wall Décor Paint Trends for 2019

Wall Decor is not only about traditional artwork but also the wall paint texture and color you chose, those areas are equally important, if not more so than the art. Getting it right is always a matter of personal taste in my opinion, but I thought it might be useful to share some top designers’ and paint companies’ colors in 2019.

Top Color of the Year Predictions

Pantone, the paint company is predicting ‘Living Coral’ as their color of choice this year. Their description of it is: ''A warm, peachy orange with a life-affirming golden undertone.

(‘’Life-affirming’’!? - claiming the undertone of color can improve your outlook on life is a little far fetched by any standard. It did amuse me though.)


Living Coral - Pantone Paint Color of the year - 2019


Sherwin Williams’ is predicting ‘Cavern Clay SW 7701’, a shade I would probably describe as being very close to terracotta.

 Sherwin Williams - Cavern Clay 2019

Benjamin Moore’s 2019 prediction is ‘cool gray’ which I have to admit is rather lovely, it is sophisticated, understated and classic, plus it works really well with white, but then most things do I guess.

Benjamin Moores Paint Color of 2019 - Cool Gray


Finally, PPG Paint’s color of 2019 is ‘Night Watch’ a hunter green that I’ve seen a lot of this year. PPG doesn’t advise that you paint an entire room with this color since it is very dark and would be overwhelming, they instead suggest applying it only to accent walls, alcoves or cupboard doors. The color is intended to make you feel like you are in nature. (Although they describe it as ‘’ bringing the healing power from the outdoors into your home’’)  Hmmm.

Night watch 2019 color trend


2019 Bedroom Colors
There’s a nice mix of hues being suggested this year, hopefully, something to suit most tastes. If you are of the opinion that bedroom shades should be soft then you might want to try some of the ‘Mushroom’ colors. The shades are diverse and work beautifully in bedrooms. ‘Gray Lilac’ and ‘Neutral Pink are another two soft styles that are said to make you feel relaxed. Finally in the soft range is ‘Misty Blue’ which is cool and has a beach house feel to it.

Misty Blue Shade for Bedroom Wall - soft color 

If you prefer something a little more dramatic, then again, the hunter green is being touted as the one to use, as well as ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Greenish Blue’ 

Living Room Shades for 2019

Hazelnut is trendy this year, which is easy to understand. It’s easy on the eye, bland enough to blend well with most styles but also has that extra special something that makes a room feel warm and cozy.


hazelnut living room trendy paint color


Again Dark Green is the color on-trend this year. It’s not for everyone and you have to think carefully about the room and its light before choosing this, I would not recommend you paint an entire room with any dark shade, rather use it sparingly just on accent walls. It would be a nice contrast to the light wall color or used sparingly on door frames or cupboard doors


Paint Styles

It’s not just the paint hues and shades you need to consider, getting the correct level of sheen will transform your wall decor. The right finish will ensure you make the most of the space so you have so chosen wisely. Below is a brief guide to the finishes and when and where to apply them.


Satin is good for woodwork, so could be a good choice for the darker colors you want to use sparingly, for example, the door frames. Satin is a mid-sheen color that reflects the light and hides imperfections in your walls and woodwork really well, such as unwanted bumps and lumps.

Flat Matte
Is very velvety and does not reflect any light so works really well with dark shades

Egg Shell
Is actually aptly named when you consider the texture, due to the rough finish you get with this. It works well in heritage styles and especially well on wood, giving it a lovely classic edge to it.

As you would expect is very shiny so it works best on very smooth surfaces, this is not suitable for imperfect walls as it will not be very forgiving. It is a great contrast to matte, which works well together.

Behr Paint
If you are looking for more ideas, Behr is a good resource for inspiration in on-trend colors and textures. They seem pretty on-point with their range this year.