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8 Cheap Wall Decoration Ideas for your living room

As much as I’d love to selfishly encourage you to cover every square inch of your walls with art, I do realize and appreciate that there are only so many paintings one can hang before over-kill sets in and your room looks odd and overcrowded. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of wall décor in all shapes and sizes. I love how something as simple as a few hanging planters can create a focal point and transform drab or plain walls in a really simple but effective way. That is why I wanted to share some wall art ideas for living rooms that are cost effective and easy to implement.

1) Hang Potted Wall Plants
In my opinion, you can never go wrong with adding some greenery to a room. If you decide to use pot plants as wall décor then take care in choosing the right plants because you want them to look good next to each other, long-term, so regular nurturing will probably be good, but worth it. Some plants to consider are Ferns. Bromeliads, Begonias, Hostas and Succulents.

     Hanging Pot Plants - Wall decoration for living room

    2) Corkboard
    Corkboards are a great and cheap way of adding some personality and creativity to any wall. The possibilities are endless, but some suggestions are pinning some photos, inspirational quotes, postcards of places you want to travel, using it as space where all of your future aspirations live, allowing you to keep them at the forefront of your mind. Easy to add to the wall and even easier to pin and update your content as often as you wish.

    3) Light me up fairy style

      Versatile, pretty and cheap!

      A few strings of fairy lights strategically draped across a wall can have a magical and transforming effect. I’m not sure why everyone is drawn to their cozy lighting. Perhaps it’s the numerous little twinkles that sucker us in. You could also get creative and peg photos to the lights too.

      Fairy light Wall Decor


      4) Hats off!

      If you have a cool selection of fedoras, sun hats, flat caps etc… then why not display them on a wall, it not only looks good, it’s convenient too as it keeps them from getting squashed and dusty in your cupboards.

      hats as wall decor

      5) Mantle Mirror- If you have a fireplace mantle then placing a mirror works really well at making the room feel more airy and open, especially if it is leaning as opposed to hanging. A nice mirror is also a wonderful focal point for any wall, and you get to check your self out in it. Win/win!


      6) Magnetize

      This is especially cool if you have children, but can also be used as a fun and creative board for leaving messages or displaying your favorite magnets.

       7) World Map

      Adding a world map to a wall is cost effective and can look great if you find the right design to suit your room. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of funky map designs in all color schemes these days

      world map wall art decoration

      8) Wall Gallery Ideas

      Gallery walls have become quite trendy and it's easy to see why since they are simple, cheap and with a bit of pre-planning can look really stunning.  I would recommend choosing a theme, Black & White, for example, finding frames that compliment each other and most importantly, do a mock layout of the positions first.  If you don't lay it out well, it can look messy and overcrowded.  I would recommend laying out the images on the floor first and get the layout right, then take a picture and pin it on the wall to try to replicate.  

      Home wall gallery - home decor ideas

      Just a few ideas to get you started.  In my next wall art blog, I'll go into more in-depth detail about creating and choosing the perfect gallery wall for your home.