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Watanabe Seite - Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight -

Watanabe Seite

Watanabe Seite is one of our favorite vintage artists. He was born in the late nineteenth century and was a trailblazer for his time.  When he landed in Paris in 1878 to accept an award for his art he was one of the first Asian painters to have ever set foot in the West.

You can easily recognize a Watanabe painting due to a special brand of quirkiness that sets him apart from his peers. He’s best-known for his signature approach on the kacho-style (paintings featuring birds and flowers) fusing it with a European flair that he absorbed in Paris. This unique blending of genres is what makes his work so distinctive and appealing.

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Pink Sky Wall Art by Watanabe Seitei | Free usa shipping | WallArt.Biz

Paris, 1878

The budding artist's travels took him to the USA and Europe but it was Paris that truly captured his heart. Embracing the Parisian culture and meeting new European artists allowed him to tap in to the essence of Western style, mastering form and composition techniques.  It was here he began experimenting with a Kahco / Euro flair that would later become his signature style, lavishing him with worldwide recognition that only a handful of Asian artists had known before him.  He spent three years in Paris perfecting his new methodology before returning home to continue his work in Japan. 
 Pink Sky Wall Art by Watanabe Seitei - FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz

Cherry Blossom

This painting is part of a collection featured in the renowned Japanese design magazine ‘Shin–Bijutsukai’. Cherry Blossom paintings are symbolic in Japanese culture, it is said the springtime bloom is linked to a general renewal and fresh start. Aside from the symbolism it is a lovely delicate painting that magnificently mixes deep reds and whites.

This versatile canvas print would work well in most rooms, but looks especially great in rooms with a scattering of red décor.


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Skyscape Wall Art by Watanabe Seitei - FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz


Skyscape with birds flying, by Watanabe Seitei. This intriguing painting has a futuristic dreamy vibe and will create a conversational piece in your home..  


The muted tone sits well with any color decor. It’s a compelling and elegant painting which would be perfect as home office art or as  canvas for a modern kitchen. 


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Goldfish Wall Art by Watanabe Seitei - FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz

Seamless Goldfish 

 ‘’Goldfish are like flowers…….flowers that move’’ 

A wonderfully unique painting with goldfish appearing relaxed and instilling a feeling of quiet peacefulness.

Goldfish hold a special place in the hearts of the Japanese. Introduced by Chinese traders in the early sixteenth century they became a symbol of opulence and prosperity. They were mostly acquired by nobility and samurai who enjoyed flaunting exotic, aquatic pets.


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 Pink Sky Wall Art by Watanabe Seitei - FRAMED & FREE USA SHIPPING | WallArt.Biz

Editor's Pick

Pink Sky

Our personal favorite of Watanabe Seite’s work is ‘Pink Sky’

This dreamy pink print looks amazing as art for the living room and bedroom artwork. As you can see it’s a bold piece of work that is a guaranteed head-turner. If you have an art lover in your life, then this could be a great gift idea too.