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What Colors Improve Sleep?

Dreamy Bedroom  Wall Art, Colors Which Help You Sleep!

Your bedroom should be your inner sanctum, the place that gives you a big hug at the end of each day, gently drifting you off into sleep. A good night's sleep sets you up for the day ahead, it allows your body to repair from the previous day and re-energizes you for the next.
In this edition, we will explore the science behind how colour affects your wellbeing and what colours to use in a bedroom to aid a good night's sleep.

 Bedroom wall art ideas


Backed up with science, it has been proven that colours can affect your mood and emotions. So, before you redecorate your bedroom consider which colours will optimise relaxation, in turn promoting a good night's sleep. Based on the psychology of colour below and the guidance from sleep guru's, we look at what colours are the best for your bedrooms.

Colour Psychology chart Colour Psychology Chart 

Blue bedroom wall art van gogh

Soothing Blues

Blue takes the top spot for the colour which best aids sleep. A survey of 2000 people by Travelodge concluded that those who slept in a blue room recorded the most sleep with an average of seven hours and fifty-two minutes sleep per night. With calming connotations associated with water and blue skies, this colour is very soothing to the eye. If you want the best night's sleep then get the paintbrush out and go blue! If you don't want to go all-out blue add blue accents with wall art, bedding, rugs and cushions.

starry nights van gogh wall artVan Gogh - The Starry Night
Canvas Print
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William Morris Marigolds wall artWilliam Morris - Marigold
Canvas Print
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Theater–Mountain–Construction - Paul- Klee wall art

william morris yellow print wall art

Mellow Yellow

Yellow the colour of sunshine is associated with happiness and optimism. In a study looking at the effects of colour on the moods of college students, yellow was a popular choice for promoting wellbeing.  Stick with the paler shades to create a dreamy décor and wake up cheery every day of the week.

William -Morris-Larkspur -tile (1)
William Morris - Larkspur
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Katsushika -Hokusai - Hydrangea & Swallow wall artKatsushika Hokusai - Hydrangea & Swallow
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ferns yellow wall art
Julie de Graag - Ferns
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Pink wall art bedroom ideas

Positively Pink

Soft pink tones are one of the most popular choices when it what the colour of our bedroom walls. In the practice of Feng shui, the use of gentle tones is advised for the bedroom. A soft natural pink has orange undertones promoting rejuvenation, the very essence of sleep.

Green Mountains by Kamisaka Sekka wall art print

Organic Green

Go green to wake up feeling positive and ready for the day ahead. Green is seen as an organic colour with strong ties to nature. Getting outside and exploring the natural world has strong links to a healthy relaxed mental state. 

Watanabe Seitei, Sky Wall ArtWatanabe Seitei - Sky
Canvas Print
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So now you know what colours to use, what colours should you avoid?

Purple is a mentally stimulating colour, so perfect for your home office but is the worst colour for sleep.

Red the colour of energy and passion, is another colour to avoid if you want to maximise your shuteye. The colour red increases your fight or flight instinct and can even increase your blood pressure! Which is definitely not conducive to slumber.

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