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What is Japandi, the hottest design trend of 2021?

6 Japandi Wall Art Ideas

Tokyo and Stockholm may be separated by 8,164km, but in terms of décor styles, they are very much aligned. Both cultures prize a minimalist approach coupled with the love of the natural world around them. The hottest trend of 2021 is the rise of the style known as "Japandi", Japanese and Scandinavian home décor styles moulded together.

Japandi is all about clean lines, a neutral colour palette and the use of natural materials. In this edition, we will explore how we can use art to encompass this style bringing ‘hygge’, (the Nordic word for home cosiness) and ‘wabi-sabi’ (the Japanese word for finding beauty in imperfection) harmonising to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.


Japandi wall art style


Cranes wall art japandi style

Connecting with Nature

Both the Japanese and Scandinavian people have a love of the great outdoors. So, there is no surprise that the interior trend Japandi has a strong focus on nature. When designing your home décor in this style use materials from nature such as bamboo, ceramics, wood and linen. When it comes to complementing with wall art the flora & fauna theme is a perfect choice. 
In Japanese culture animals and plants often have a spiritual significance. Not only can your wall décor look stunning it can also have a secret significance just for you. For example, the Crane is seen as a holy creature and the bringer of good fortune. What better way to bring luck into your home than with an elegant canvas featuring a Crane or a "swoop" of them!

Cranes by Kamisaka Sekka wall art


Seashells by Watanabe Seitei wall art

Seashells Artwork by Watanabe Seitei
Canvas Print
From $58.00
Morning Glories by Kamisaka Sekka

Japandi style wall decor

A Neutral Colour Palette

When designing a Japandi styled interior the focus is to create a harmonious soothing space. A neutral colour palette is central to the design using beige, stone, mink and oatmeal. Then layering in Scandi shades of pale blue, green, greys yellows or pinks.

Wall art is a great way to add tone on tone layers to the overall look. Choose canvases which work in unison with your base colour, but build additional complementary tones.

Japandi style leaf wall art


Skyscape with birds flying by Watanabe Seitei

Skyscape with birds by Watanabe Seitei
Canvas Print
From $58.00

Wisteria by Watanabe Seitei wall art

Wisteria by Watanabe Seitei
From $58.00

Minimalist wall art decor


Time to throw away the culture, Japandi style sings from the song sheet less is more. Words linked to minimalism are simplicity, restraint, uncluttered & monochrome. As a design concept minimalism is still relatively new, first appearing in the late 1960s. Recently this lifestyle and interior trend has had a revival, led by Marie Kondo.  Her book "'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing'topped the New York Times booklist for over 86 weeks, and now hosts her own NetFlix Show. What more a minimalist home decor has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on our mental health. The University of California found those living in cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

So, with the science behind it, now's as good a time as any to embrace minimalism. When choosing minimalist art there are several styles that work well. Line art with its pure simplicity or Geometric art with its carefully placed shapes is perfect for creating an uncomplicated look.

“Minimalism is a tool we use to live a meaningful life. There are no rules. Rather, minimalism is simply about stripping away the unnecessary things in your life so you can focus on what’s important”― Joshua Fields Millburn

Mount -Fuji -Kamisaka -Sekka

Kamisaka Sekka's - Mount Fuji
Canvas Print

From $63.00

ferns monochrome wall art


Nothing screams "Clean and Simple Aesthetics" as does monochrome. With the Scandinavian décor championing the clean crisp white colour palette and the Japanese love for jet back furniture elements, monochrome is the perfect choice for the Japandi interior. 


In art, the removal of colour reduces the painting to its simplest form, making you focus on the piece without distraction. Monochrome can feel a little stark, with Japandi add in elements for the Nordic hygge design, adding texture and warmth with rugs, throws and soft furnishings.

Kandinsky monochrome art

 Wassily Kandinsky - Composition 2
Canvas Print

From $58.00

Ogawa Kazumasa WALL ART

Photomechanical Printing

In the high-tech world, we now live in, where your phone is your camera, it is easy to forget the art of photography. Ogawa Kazumasa was a Japanese photographer and artist who pioneered the field of photomechanical printing. In the late 1800s, demand increased for high-quality photographs, so instead of creating one photo using light-sensitive materials, printing plates were created from photographs using chromated gelatin. The gelatin when exposed would harden at different depths depending on the levels of exposure, hence forming topography that would produce the tones of the image when printed. Ogawa Kazumasa would then add colour by hand layering plate by plate.

The Japandi style is about simplicity and nature, Kazumasa photographic prints have both in abundance. We have collated a large collection of Kazumasa's prints which can be found in our Japanese Art Collection, a selection we have highlighted below.

Beautiful-photomechanical-prints    by-Ogawa-Kazumasa

Ogawa Kazumasa - Floral Art
Canvas Print

From $63.00


Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints)

Japanese art saw a new wave in the Edo period (1603-1868). This period saw Tokugawa Ieyasu unify the country after years of conflict. In this time of peace, the arts flourished, and the rise of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) grew prominence, with artist such as Katsushika Hokusai, Morimoto Toko, Ohara Koson & Watanabe Seitei making this style their own.
If you are looking at adding that oriental vibe then shop our woodblock prints collection.

Nature -sea-waves-Watanabe- Seitei-


Nature -sea-waves-Watanabe- Seitei

Morimoto Toko - Moth and plant
Canvas Print
From $58.00
pink sky Watanabe Seitei


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