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Gallery Walls are gaining in popularity and we are seeing more creative ideas and interesting objects being added that work really well. The rule is, there are no rules, so here's just a handful of eclectic gallery wall ideas you may find useful.  

Find an Anchor Piece
Your anchor piece will be the largest of the pictures and set the tone for the wall. Finding the right anchor piece will make creating your wall much easier as you’ll have a centerpiece with which all the other images will bounce off. I would suggest placing your anchor piece in the center and building out from there, however, it’s your baby and your wall, so inject your personality and style into it.


Be Authentic
Choosing art is subjective, it’s really all up to you, which is the exciting part but it’s also a bit scary as you are exposing your creative side to the world which can leave some people feeling quite vulnerable. Please try to forget what others may think, this is your wall for your viewing pleasure; be true to yourself and you’ll end up with a wall you adore.

Add Some Texture
My favorite gallery walls are those that include rich texture including images made from felt, a Muriel, ornamental plates and materials such as cotton, silk  and sequins. Adding texture really helps to bring your walls to life and can make the other pictures stand out more too. Here's some sequins on a piece of paper, a simple texture that could work well. 

Gallery Wall with sequins texture

Don’t be Afraid to be Sentimental
Photographs can make a lovely addition to your wall, be they images of gorgeous places you went on vacation, photos of your loved ones, including beloved pets; those still with us and those that have moved on. Including loved ones can be a nice way of preserving cherished memories in a wonderfully creative and unique way.

Another nice but sentimental idea is adding a keepsake like an old broach. Why have it hidden away in a draw when you can display it in your gallery wall. If it looks a little out of place try placing a frame around it, but not everything has to be framed.

Vintage maps
Everyone loves old maps, if you can find one of your favorite city or of your local town center it will mean something to you, it will make looking at your wall even more enjoyable.

If you happen to have furniture near your gallery wall, let us use a sofa for this example, try complimenting the wall with some sofa cushions that work well, it can help with the overall impression you get when entering the room.

Empty Frames
That may sound odd, but if you have a nice frame or several in fact, then it can work really well and look surprisingly stylish.

blank frame with chalk board


It not exactly news, but mirrors do make a lovely addition to any wall. Mirror gallery walls have been popular for aeons, but it’s worth mentioning them even if it does go without saying.

mirrored gallery wall


Pressed Foliage

Adding a wild sprig here and there can be a nice touch to some walls and can add a splash of color naturally. Alternatively, a picture of wildflowers works just as well.




I hope some of these nine ideas are of use to you. If you do implement any of these suggestions into your gallery wall, we would love to see photos.

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